AMANAC, Mexican Association of Shipping Agents

The Mexican Association of Shipping Agents A.C. (AMANAC), 32 years after its creation, it has a much more solid and extensive structure. Based on effort, commitment and dedication, it has established itself as one of the organizations with the greatest impact in the maritime port association, as it brings together the most important Shipping Agencies in the country that service the ships that climb our ports.

Today, in Mexico City, the organization has evolved to such an extent that it highlights its prestige and leadership achieved over the course of 3 decades.

The growth is a faithful reflection of an extensive trajectory, in which the organization has added to its ranks five own delegations, distributed locally in the main seaports: Veracruz, Tampico / Altamira, Manzanillo, Lázaro Cárdenas and Ensenada, likewise, We have representativeness in 10 other locations through our main partners.

The organizational structure has also been strengthened in this period of time, ensuring the possibility of offering more and better services to its partners and users of foreign trade, evidencing that its strength has positioned Amanac as one of the most recognized associations in the industry.


• Specialized training for maritime transport and foreign trade
• Electronic data transmission and technical and operational support
• Foreign trade advice
• Legal advice
• Maritime newsletter
• Permits for port services
• Permits for the internment of foreigners in quality

Study Perception of Clients and Users

In compliance with its corporate purpose, the AMANAC has developed, since its inception, specialized legal and administrative advisory activities, making multiple representations to authorities, service providers, associations and other foreign trade participants. Among which is the study of relevant aspects of the port maritime environment and updating and training of shipping agents, as well as the development and implementation of information transmission services.

The provision of these has not been limited to the membership, on the contrary, there is an opening policy and these services are also provided to all those involved in maritime transport and foreign trade in general.

AMANAC provides the service of electronic transmission of manifest maritime cargo, bill of lading “House” “and air guides to the customs authority, which by law must be made by shipping agencies and international cargo agents.

It has its own development tools for sending electronic information, such as:

• Web services (maritime and air)
• Malook

It provides 24/7 technical support and training, so that this work is as expeditious as possible. It provides its users with the technological infrastructure to carry out the electronic transmissions via the Web and FTP of cargo manifests and bills of lading, being the association that collaborates directly with the SAT for the continuous improvement of the system referring to these processes.

AMANAC groups together 124 leading Mexican shipping agents and more than 180 cargo agents. Representing 93% of domestic and foreign vessels, who mobilize around 95% of foreign trade cargo, as well as passengers arriving on cruise ships to our ports.

AMANAC Lázaro Cárdenas, has 14 members, who in turn arrange 16 container lines and 5 lines of cars.

Maritime freight services have a weekly frequency.

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