APM Terminals is certified in implementation of a comprehensive management system of ISO 9001-14001

The scope of this certification refers to “Semi-automated port services for the reception, loading, unloading, storage, inspection and dispatch of containerized goods for Foreign Trade”

APM Terminals announced to have completed its certification for the development of the implementation of a comprehensive management system of ISO 9001-14001 whose scope positions it as a company that meets the standards of these international standards, thus generating greater confidence and added value For your customers.

The certification will be extended for a period of 3 years with the certifying company, with maintenance audits every year. Among the processes that have been certified are:

  • Management Processes: as Measurement analysis and improvement; Review by the address.
  • Operational processes: as Planning; Execution (Ship – Doors – Railroad-Inspection); Inspections – Customs Control; Customer service (Release of goods); Gates (Inputs and outputs of merchandise).
  • Processes Support: as Maintenance; Human Resources; Information technology; Storage; Billing; Environmental management; Safety and hygiene and port protection.

Impact of this activity on the organization.

“This comprehensive certification is international recognition, that we are in compliance with standards in terms of quality and environment worldwide, allowing us to directly impact on seeking continuous improvement in each of the processes of the organization to make our best and most efficient activities, reducing costs and improving our productivity, “said José Rueda Salinas, General Director of APM Terminals.

It is worth mentioning that the house that has certified APM Terminals is DNVGL, one of the largest certification houses, with greater recognition and prestige in the maritime-port sector worldwide.

For more information about the certification house visit https://www.dnvgl.com/about/in-brief/our-history.html

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