APM Terminals performs Biology laboratory rehabilitation for the winners of the “Juventud en Movimiento”

As part of the company’s Social Responsibility activities, the 34 Cetis school was rehabilitated from its biology laboratory.

APM Terminals announced that it carried out the rehabilitation of the biology laboratory under the scheme of a strategic donation to the Technology, Industrial and Service Baccalaureate Center No. 34 (Cetis 34) as part of their social responsibility programs and after the school stood out in the past “Juventud en Movimiento” football tournament.

It is important to emphasize that this action will benefit 1,395 students who belong to local families and that this school represents an opportunity to achieve a degree as a technician in some of their specialties. Cetis 34 offers careers, electronics, industrial mechanics, human resources management, accounting, and chemical laboratory technicians. It is worth mentioning that 73% of Cetis 34 graduates go to university while the rest are integrated into the Lazaro Cárdenas workforce.

“The aim of this activity is to make the community aware of the importance of supporting this type of project, starting with the sport and recognizing that the potential of sports creates a positive change at the social level. Our goal is to continue implementing programs like this donation and create positive impact in the community,” said Sandra Barreda of APM Terminals.

The scope of such donation will be the rehabilitation of various areas of the laboratory (installation of the electrical system and air conditioning, construction of base boards, rehabilitation of workstations, supply and installation of emergency shower, among others). This laboratory will be used by an average of 600 students a week and the impact it will have on the community will benefit more than 25 thousand people directly and indirectly.

Continuously, APM Terminals carries out various actions of social responsibility for the different communities that make up Lázaro Cárdenas, such as the cleaning of beaches, the rehabilitation of some areas of the Uruapan Park (benches, boats, trees) and the donation of garbage containers to the municipality to place in the park and promote the preservation of clean spaces, as well as other donations to different schools and charities.

“This is one more, of a series of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that APM Terminals is committed to carrying out in Lázaro Cárdenas for the welfare of the community. The company reiterates its invitation to all parties involved to participate in this initiative by working for the good and progress of our community in the search for a better future for our families.”

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