Automotive cargo is greater than 37% in the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas as of June

The automotive cargo operations carried out as of June of this year, registered a growth of 37%, operating a total of 289,354 units compared to the 211,275 cars of the same period, resulting in the increase in the handling of automotive cargo through Lazaro Cardenas.

In the participation by type of traffic, 60% was registered in imports with 172,520 units, exports were mobilized in 37% with 106, 830 cars and transshipment closed with 3% when operating 10, 004 vehicles.

The growth in infrastructure and logistics services offered by the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas is of vital importance for the automotive industry and the country’s economy, consolidating the Michoacan complex as the ideal platform for this and all types of merchandise, becoming a linchpin of the production generated in Mexico and the world.

Standing out as the only port in the Pacific with the potential, space and facilities to efficiently transport automotive cargo, a greater number of customers use the competitive advantages that the port area offers, finding a balance between quality and savings of costs.

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