Emergency assistance to the ship «Cape Island»

Today, at an early hour, an emergency of the Cape Island vessel was attended, which was being displaced from its anchorage position within the eastern dock of Puerto Lázaro Cárdenas, due to the meteorological conditions that occurred in the early morning of this day.

Thanks to the determined intervention of the Maritime Traffic Control Center and the captain of the tugboat Mextug Balsas, the emergency was attended.

The CCTM received a request for support for the Cape Island vessel, due to a strong increase in winds from 40 to 50 knots with gusts of 66 knots.

Consequently, the Cape Island vessel drifted ashore reaching five meters from it, the boat captain requested two tugs to the CCTM of an urgent nature, communicating with the tugboats Mextug Balsas and Mextug Duero to assist in emergency said vessel that is without machine

Already in the place, the captain of the tugboat Mextug Balsas, sailed safely, supported by the crew of the boat in distress and starting the assistance to the vessel at risk, derived from the prevailing weather conditions, improved around the 4:00 hours on this day, the captain of the “Cape Island” took the emergency for granted.

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