Port of Lazaro Cardenas increases volume of containerized cargo

The Lazaro Cardenas Port continues to operate and as a reflection of this dynamic, in the management of TEUs, from March 1 to 25, 55, 542 TEUs were operated and during the same period, but in April, 75 were mobilized , 335 TEU´s, which represents an increase of 43% of this type of cargo.

Meanwhile, in containerized cargo, from March 1 to 25, this facility operated 336,963 tons, during the same period in April, 524,799 tons were presented, representing an increase of 56%.

The port area of ​​Lazaro Cardenas, efficiently operates its logistics services for loading and unloading ships, trucks and trains with this type of merchandise, allowing it to rank second in the nation in container loading.

The value of the port sector for the region is more than evident and it is one of the main points of development, so investments aimed at improvement are vital for an economic boost for the region and the country.

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