Port of Lázaro Cárdenas begins with an increase of 5% in Total Cargo to the month of January

At the start of operations in January 2019, the Port Authority of Lázaro Cárdenas reported a growth of 5% in the movement of total cargo, with the handling of 2 million 597 thousand 054 tons compared to 2 million 484 thousand 224 tons of the first month of the year 2018.

Likewise, the attention in the arrival of vessels reflected a positive variation of 4%, with the entry of 139 vessels compared to the 134 of the first month of the previous year.

In high-altitude traffic, 82% of the total cargo was handled, where imports accounted for 59%, while exports registered 23%, derived from finished steel products and fertilizers. Meanwhile cabotage registered 18%, with 16% corresponding to the entry of mineral bulk, fertilizers and the reception of gasoline and diesel. The output showed a 2%, in fuels.

Puerto Lázaro Cárdenas continues to establish itself as the commercial link of the most reliable Pacific based on its productivity, thanks to the sum of the efforts of those who integrate and participate in the port community along with the promotion works that are specified in investments and new projects for the benefit and satisfaction of customers.

The efficiency and quality of port operations and infrastructure translates into cost savings and agile handling of their goods, offering the logistics solutions required by international trade.

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