Puerto Lázaro Cárdenas successfully concludes the virtual activities of the Anniversary of the Port 2020

The Integral Port Administration of Lázaro Cárdenas, successfully closed the activities corresponding to the Anniversary of the Port 2020, which were carried out from November 23 to December 13.

In fact, in 2014, with the 40th Anniversary of the Port and the 20th anniversary of the constitution of the API, the “Week of the Port” was established to promote the Port-City link through sports, culture and the arts. The Week of the Port is consolidated in its sixth edition. Now, we commemorate the 46th Anniversary of the operation of this port and the number 26 of its Port Administration, developing a sports, cultural and social interaction where the community can integrate and feel closer to this port area.

Due to health measures, this year each activity had to be carried out individually and with the support of new technologies, such as the use of applications, achieving a favorable response while maintaining a healthy distance.

The General Director of APILAC, Engineer Jorge Luis Cruz Ballado thanked all the participants who were part of the events such as the Virtual Running Challenge, Bike Challenge, Chess Contest, Talent Contest (Singing, Drawing and Photography) and Piñata Contest.

This edition stood out for having participants from various parts of the country, such as San Luis Potosí, Mexico City, Querétaro, the State of Mexico, Veracruz and Michoacán. Participants, judges and sponsors followed the award ceremony by videoconference and the local winners of each activity attended the APILAC facilities and interacted in the corresponding event.

The winners of the cycling challenge were Ernesto Covarrubias in the 200kms beginner category, Rosa Mora in the 300kms Intermediate category and Julián Camacho Rodales in the 500kms Advanced category. This activity had a total of 287 registered and the recording of times and distances were carried out through mobile applications.

Meanwhile in chess with 198 participants in total, the first place was obtained by Isaac Tello, second place went to Israel Blanco Sing and the third place went to Arturo Jonathan Díaz Hernández, all in the sand chess modality. On the other hand, in Swiss chess the first place went to José Alberto Morales Rojas, the second was Ángel Maldonado and the third was Ernesto Pérez Ayala.

In the talent contest, in drawing the first place was obtained by Martha Jimena Pérez Rivera, the second was for Carlos Del Río Pimentel and in third place Iker Sotelo Jiménez. In song, the winner was Yunuen Pavón Estrada, the second was for Marco Alejandro Guzmán Orozco and the third for Azul Oseguera. And finally in photography, the first and third place went to Eric Ramón Martínez López, the second was obtained by Omar Vélez, in this event there were 27 participants in total.

For the running challenge, the winners were the following, Fernando Guadarrama in Beginner 60kms, Rosa Mora in Intermediate 80kms and Ana Guadarrama in Advanced 100kms, with a total of 379 participants who were controlled their distances through an application.

And in the piñata contest there were 6 contestants, winning results with the first place Janeth Maldonado Aguilar, second place went to Alejandra Duarte Rodríguez and the third to Héctor Manuel Rincón Quezada.

Finally, the Director General of APILAC, recognized the important contribution of the sponsors who were a fundamental piece for the effect of this traditional event such as Mextug, the Association of Customs Agents of Lázaro Cárdenas (AAALAC), the Association of General Cargo Transporters of Lázaro Cárdenas (ATLAC), Hutchison Ports Holdings, APM Terminals México, Kansas City Southern de México, LC Logistics GPS, Terminales Portuarias del Pacífico (TPP) and the Mexican Association of Shipping Agents AC (AMANAC).

With these exercises, both APILAC and the port community that is part of Lázaro Cárdenas, will continue to maintain unity and commitment to continue integrating as the logistics platform with the greatest development, productivity, as well as a source of employment.

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