Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez takes office as General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine

At the instructions of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, gave Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez as general coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine, replacing Héctor López Gutiérrez.

In the act, the head of the SCT indicated the importance of the work that the new general coordinator will carry out and recognized the professionalism and dedication of López Gutiérrez.

He mentioned that Rodríguez Velázquez will undoubtedly give a strong impetus to the transition process that the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine will experience.

For his part, Rodríguez Velázquez indicated that he comes to add, with his effort, in favor of the economic and social development of the country, as indicated by the head of the Executive and the Secretary of Communications and Transportation.

The general coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine is originally from Xilitla, San Luis Potosí; She is licensed by the Carlos Septién García School of Journalism.

Since December 5, 2018, she served as Secretary of the Government of Mexico City. She has held various positions in the public administration of the country’s capital, such as: secretary for Social Development (2012-2015), secretary for Rural Development and Equity for Communities (2015-2018).

She served as general director of the Institute for the Care of Older Adults (2009-2012); general coordinator of the Government and Public Security Cabinet (2006-2009) and in charge of the 71 Territorial Coordinations of Public Security and Justice Procurement.

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