TEU`s load in the month of July

In July, the Lázaro Cárdenas Port presented an increase in containerized cargo movement of 43% with a record of 866,044 TEU’s that compared to the 606,501 TEU’s in the 2020 period, this favorable variation is achieved.

Regarding the arrival of ships until the month of July, the figure is 828 vessels, 13% higher than the 736 that were received in the same period of 2020, 90% corresponding to high-altitude traffic and 10% to cabotage vessels.

Its specialized container terminals, linked to rail and motor transport services, have allowed it to operate efficiently and responsibly, guaranteeing that goods are delivered directly to their destinations and on each national and international route.

The Lázaro Cárdenas Port has been a key element for international maritime transport, supporting the process of economic and commercial globalization. Since the attention of all types of vessels and merchandise, as well as its excellent geographical location, provides the competitiveness that the main shipping companies worldwide require.

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